Saving for that Something Special

It may sound funny, but sometimes it's best to start at the end. It's tremendously satisfying when you achieve a goal that you envisioned early on. What would you like to save for? We have the tools to get you there.

Tools from First American Bank & Trust:

  • Savings Calculator
    Stay on track to meet your savings goals with our easy-to-use savings calculator.
  • Presidential Money Market Account
    A smart choice for you if you don't make a lot of withdrawals and can keep a minimum daily balance of $1,000. The Presidential Money Market account pays higher interest and includes lots of perks.
  • Certificates of Deposit
    The safe and effective way of investing your money, you can lock in a great rate on CDs and watch your savings grow.
  • Investment Services
    When you've got a strong partner with vision, you can map out a financial plan to get you where you want to go. Whether it's stocks or bonds, mutual funds or tax-deferred annuities, we're experienced in all phases of investment services.
  • FinanceWorks Personal Financial Management Tool
    Be sure to stay in control of your own money. FinanceWorks can help manage your spending, saving, investments and more.

Financial Tips:

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