Financial Literacy for Kids

It's amazing how quickly children learn that ATMs are not a source of income. In fact, instant gratification aside, kids become conservative, even frugal, spenders when they earn their own money and begin to buy things for themselves, like toys and candy. With guidance and encouragement, children decide on priority, price, even quality better than they tie their shoes. First American can help teach your budding financial manager great habits early. With their own money, they can be taught to build a budget, save money in their own savings account, even learn about investing. Proper money management can start them down the path to a successful financial life. It's the gift they'll thank you for later.

Tools from First American Bank & Trust:

  • Financially Smart Kids
    Learning about money and banking doesn't have to be a bore. Check out our games, trivia and more as the child in your life gets a head start on being a Financially Smart Kid.
  • Savings Account
    When it's time to move from the piggy bank to a savings account, we've got a savings solution.
  • First Checking
    Learning about writing checks and managing a bank balance is still necessary and important. That's why First Checking is here.
  • Kids Savings Calculator
    How much money could you have in the future if you started saving today? Our calculator helps figure that out.
  • First American Visa® Debit Card
    Pay for everyday purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted. Use your debit card for signature-based transactions or at an ATM to get cash when you need it.

Financial Tips:

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