Buying a Home

Finding the perfect house can be just as stressful as it is exciting. You want to ensure the home you purchase is right for you and your family. When you decide it's the house you can afford and it's where you want to be, First American will get you pre-approved and help you select the best mortgage option available with competitive rates and flexible terms. We're eager to help you get over the hurdles and into your new home.

Tools from First American Bank & Trust:

  • Mortgage Calculator
    While you're shopping for the perfect home, our mortgage calculator will give you an idea of what a monthly payment might look like.
  • Mortgage FAQs
    If you're house hunting, you've got a lot of questions. Our mortgage FAQs can help, and remember we're always here for you if you have questions.
  • Mortgage Glossary
    Our Mortgage Glossary gives you the basics on mortgage-related terms.
  • Mortgage Lending Team
    You've got experienced lenders on your side. You'll get prompt and friendly service when you contact our team.
  • Mortgage Loan Options
    Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a longtime homeowner, when you are buying or refinancing, you need a supportive partner. We've got a flexible loan solution for you.

Financial Tips:

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