Financial Tips for Your Life Stages

No matter your life stage, a lot can still be learned from listening to each other, especially when it comes to finances. How much money should you be saving? What's the difference between saving and investing? First American Bank & Trust has wisdom for you here.


Financial Literacy for Kids

You can help build a solid financial foundation for young people today. It's never too early to begin teaching how to manage an allowance, save for a goal or comparison shop.


Financial Planning as a Student

How many times have you heard of a new college student getting into money troubles shortly after leaving home? First American Bank & Trust has tips for the financial hurdles that lie ahead.


Entering the Workforce

Your résumé is polished. Your profile is on LinkedIn. You network in-person and on social media. Now is the time for you to be creative and curious, to learn what motivates you and to do it. It's about making smart choices and taking chances. Time is your greatest asset. Remember you have a bank that can help as you navigate these exciting new waters.


Buying a Home

It is the American dream: home ownership. Are you ready? First American Bank & Trust has money-saving and stress-avoiding tips to help you well before you sign the dotted line.


Saving for That Something Special

It sometimes goes against the current culture, but setting aside money to buy that special item is a smart money decision. We have some helpful hints to help you meet your goal.

growing family

Managing a Growing Family

Your family is growing. It's time to look at the best insurance and investment options as you plan for the future. It's true that time flies and you want to be ready.


Planning for Retirement

We're living longer, so planning for your retirement years has never been as important as it is today. We can help you see the finish line no matter where you are in the race.

retired people

Living While Retired

You're living in retirement. And as you decide how best to spend your time, we can help with tips on how you can best manage your money.

business owner

Financial Tips for Business Owners

Running a successful business takes more than a good idea. Entrepreneurs must also have good money management skills. Get true success tips from First American Bank & Trust.