Three Easy Pieces of Better Business Banking

1. Relationships are a vital part of success in so many areas of our lives. Your business is no exception. First American Bank & Trust has been invested in Athens since 1928. We value the opportunity to support businesses in our community. Capitalize on your relationship with your banker, who is also your neighbor. Knowing you and your business allows us to tailor your banking to fit your needs.

2. Realize there are financial demands draining valuable time for your daily routine. Through a close relationship with your local banker we can assist in automating/simplifying your processes with products and services such as: Cash Manager, Online Banking, Mobile Deposit, or Remote Deposit.

3. Reward your loyal employees through your relationship with First American Bank and Trust. We offer Advantage Checking to all employees of businesses who choose FAB. Advantage is an interest-earning checking account with a host of valuable benefits.

Author Julie

Small Business Banking and the Art of Developing a New Garden
Small business owners are a hardworking group. They wear dozens of hats to develop, maintain and grow their businesses and are often forced to focus on areas of business management that are not in their wheel-house. Entrepreneurs are most often creative by nature and successful by nurture. Small business owners must cultivate, develop and nourish their idea into a mature, self-sustaining entity. Much like sustaining a garden, managing a small business involves work and maintenance beyond the initial planting. The growth process poses many challenges, and an essential tool for success is a good business banker.
A business banker worth their salt nurtures a new business in much the same way a gardener cares for a new garden. Young plants are susceptible to heat, drought, flood, pests, pets and occasionally a misdirected soccer ball. It serves the gardener to preserve the new life forms with a balanced application of sun, soil, water, fertilizer, weeding and fencing. A good small business banker knows how to ask the right questions to understand if the business has a healthy balance of growth and debt, sales and profits, advertising and expenses. In addition to these financial questions, one of the most important talents of a good banker is understanding what resources are available to address the challenges an entrepreneur faces. These issues are commonly in legal and accounting areas, and eventually in human resources and real estate as the business grows. All of these elements are accessible through a good banker’s network and the art of growing a healthy, sustainable business is knowing when and how to implement them.
 Author Sam