Money Management Personal Financial Management Tool

Now you can see where every dollar goes. Money Management tracks every dollar you earn, spend and save, from your cable bill to your gas costs. Log into online banking and click on Money Management to view past trends and future projections presented clearly and easy to understand.

  • Accounts:  Know your finances.  See all your accounts, including those with other financial instituions.
  • Spending:  Watch your spending.  Every transaction is automatically categorized so you can spend smarter.
  • Budgets:  Track your budget.  Bubbles help you understand the relative health of your budgets instantly.
  • Trends:  A visualization of spending over time divided into catgories.  Allows you to drill into subcategory views and see transaction details.  You can also track income and definet the date range over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
  • Set up alerts & reminders



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