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First American is pleased to offer Mobile Banking to our customers. Safely and securely bring your account to you whenever and wherever you are. Use our application to access balance information, pay bills, transfer money and more.

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FAQ: Touch ID for Mobile and Tablet Banking Apps

What is Touch ID?
Touch ID is a simple, secure way for end users to access the Apple devices described below using built-in, fingerprint-sensor technology. Digital Insight has leveraged this technology to facilitate the end-user login process to your Mobile Banking Apps in lieu of traditional login credentials.
Is any additional hardware required to enable Touch ID?
No additional hardware is required to enable Touch ID on Touch ID-capable devices.
How do end users enable Touch ID in Mobile Banking Apps?
Upon successfully logging into the Mobile Banking App with their username and password on a Touch ID-supported iPhone, end users will receive a prompt asking them if they would like to start using Touch ID to log in.
• If accepted, the end user will be able to log in with Touch ID the next time the Mobile Banking App is opened. The end user also will be prompted to verify their fingerprint for additional security.
• If not accepted, the end user will be prompted one more time after 30 days. After the 30-day period, if the end user wants to enable Touch ID, it can be enabled from the Settings menu in the Mobile Banking App.
When will Touch ID be supported on Tablet Banking Apps/iPads?
Touch ID support for Tablet Banking Apps will be made available on relevant iPads as part of Digital Insight’s Q3 2015 release.
Can end users log in with their username and password if they have enabled Touch ID?
Yes, they can. Digital Insight believes in allowing your users the freedom to choose how they log into your Mobile Banking App.
Where is the fingerprint information stored? Does Digital Insight have access to it?
Touch ID fingerprints are stored on the device and never leave it. Furthermore, they are encrypted with a key that is only accessible to the device. Mobile Banking Apps cannot access the actual fingerprint. They can only determine if the fingerprint is valid or not.
Can end users still log in if they are locked out, on hold, or need a password reset?
If an end user’s account is locked or on hold, they cannot log in. However, even if the account requires the password to be reset, Touch ID still can be used to log in. Touch ID is an alternative credential for end users.
How can an end user disable Touch ID in Mobile Banking Apps?
There are two ways:
• Disable Touch ID in the Settings menu of the Mobile Banking App.
• Un-enroll all fingerprints or disable the device passcode from the device’s Settings menu.
NOTE: Re-enabling Touch ID from the device Settings will also re-enable it for Mobile Banking Apps if users have not disabled it in the app settings.
What happens if a Touch ID-enabled device is stolen?
Contact First American Bank & Trust at (706) 354-5000 to invalidate the token.
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