Partner Stories - Alpha Dog


It began as a leisurely Saturday morning conversation between two friends. Joe “Coach” Crosby, the former head football coach of Savannah State University, and a buddy were discussing what makes a great hotdog. They may not have realized it at the time, but Alpha Dog was born. Coach had a vision: open a storefront in Clayton, provide catering for tailgating and events, and become THE food of choice for sports and entertainment venues.The hard reality is that many restaurants fail during their first year for a variety of reasons. Coach Crosby had the knowledge, the experience and a great product. What he needed was a strong and stable banking partner –one who shared his goals and could help him achieve them.


How do you go from an idea for a hotdog business to signing on to provide food for NASCAR? With the help of the right bank.Coach’s first meeting with a First American loan officer was over hotdogs, of course! His business accounts, merchant services and online banking were all set up and a few short months later, Alpha Dog & Highlands Hickory Market took off. The menu now goes well beyond hotdogs, including sandwiches, seafood, meat and veggies.“First American Bank & Trust was the first bank that was concerned about me and my family,” said Crosby. “When we signed with NASCAR, the first thing the bank wanted to talk about wasn’t my deposits, but my family and our future. I even heard from them when I was in the hospital, when things looked bad. It’s more than being a customer; what I have is a relationship.” First American is glad to have great customers like Coach and Alpha Dog. It’s the reason we remain a strong and stable bank. Like us, Coach Crosby plans to stay. “I have other banks wanting me to bank with them now, and I say ‘No, I’m with First American.’ They’re going to handle all my business.”