Bank Relationship Transfer

We understand how complex moving your business accounts can be. So we've made the transition as smooth as possible. Just four quick steps and you're all set.

Step 1: Change Your Direct Deposits

Simply fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization for each payment that is directly deposited into your account and we'll do the rest.

Step 2: Change Your Electronic Payments

Simply fill out the Direct Payment Authorization for each payment that is electronically debited from your account such as utility bills, mortgages, etc. We'll do the rest.

Step 3: Make Sure All Payments Have Cleared Your Old Account(s)

Make sure, after you've opened your First American account, you have enough money in your old account to cover any outstanding payments. This way you avoid late charges and fees.

Step 4: Close Your Old Account(s)

Contact First American Bank & Trust at 706 354-5000 if you have any questions regarding transferring your account information/payments and we will be happy to assist you.

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